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By Esmeralda Rocha

Place names have always been a source of inspiration for baby names, though the practice really gained momentum in the 1980s with destinations like Savannah, Sydney and Siena setting a trend.

The trend has become a torrent with vast numbers of locations from all over the world being chosen for America‘s babies. We now bring you all the globetrotting examples – from hip neighbourhoods to whole continents – all beyond the Top 1000 names in the US in 2017. We’ve broken them up into regions to help us follow the patterns.

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125+ Rare and Amazing Nature Names

By Esmeralda Rocha

Nature names are a perennial favorite for American parents, with baby names like Lily, Rose and Poppy long dominating the charts. More recent star performers have come from further afield than the floral section of the natural world, with Willow, Hazel, Ivy, Summer, River, Raven, and Reed all in the Top 500 in 2017.

But parents are increasingly looking to even more obscure inspiration for their baby names. We now bring you all of the nature names that were given to fewer than 200 children in the USA in 2017.

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

It’s become a Nameberry tradition to commemorate Independence Day with a salute to notable historical figures and celebs who were born on the Fourth of July, This year, we’ll single out those with the most interesting prospective baby names. (By the way, George M. Cohan, the ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ who famously claimed he was ‘born on the fourth of July’, was actually born on the third. Similarly, PR people promoted the story that jazzman Louis Armstrong was born on Independence Day when his real birthdate was August 4th.)

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Here at Nameberry, we love hearing about your “Guilty Pleasure” baby names — the names you secretly adore, but would never have the guts to actually use.

Over the years, we’ve come across countless reasons why certain names get confined to strictly GP territory: they might feel too trendy or too try-hard, too popular or too pretentious, too “out there”, too ostentatious, or just a little too odd…

But are any of your secret name crushes downright outrageous?

Inspired by this fun thread from the Nameberry forums, today we’re asking you to spill the beans on your most outré, out-of-this-world, utterly outrageous baby name loves.

What’s the single most over-the-top name on your Guilty Pleasure list?

What’s the most shocking or controversial name that you just can’t help but love?

What’s the one name you’re most embarrassed to admit your secret admiration for?

And are there any truly outrageous baby names that you love so much, you’d use them anyway?

Over to you, Berries! Fess up in the comments below, or come and join the discussion on Facebook or Twitter.

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By Esmeralda Rocha

Over the coming weeks we’ll share some insights into themes and patterns of some of the rarer names that appeared on the 2017 USA lists, but we thought you’d like to jump ahead to some of the more outrageous ones that were given to American babies last year.

Money can’t buy that sort of publicity

There’s a whole subgenre of brand names that we will unpack in a future blog, but some of the more bizarre examples include:

Tesla: given to 130 girls and 11 boys

–Fanta: given to 24 girls

Beretta: given to 21 girls; firearms fans preferred Colt (which came it at # 269) for their sons

–Maybelline: given to 20 girls

Evian: given to 10 boys

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